Spiritual History of Tiruvannamalai

Paramasiva’s promise to humanity in Tiruvannamalai

The Paramaśiva lineage represents the tradition of Gurus (enlightened masters) in Tiruvannamalai (also called Arunachala) starting from Paramaśiva Himself. The lineage of Paramaśiva prevails to fulfill Paramaśiva’s promise to humanity to be an eternal guiding force through an unbroken lineage of living Gurus hailing from Tiruvannamalai to sustain the enlightenment ecosystem.

Hindu History reveals the appearance of Śrī Paramaśiva as an infinite effulgence of light (called ‘lingodbhava’ depicted as a deity in the picture) in Tiruvannamalai to bless humanity with the promise to be available in the three-fold form: 1) form of the sacred Hill Arunachala that continuously radiates the energy of Enlightenment 2) form of the worshipful Śiva Liṅga deity in the Arunachaleshwara temple in Tiruvannamalai and 3) As a living incarnation to continuously guide the people in the path of Enlightenment

Paramasiva’s promise to humanity to manifest as 1) Mountain, 2) Shiva linga and 3) Living incarnation in Tiruvannamalai…

Sacred Arunachala hill

Shiva Linga in the Arunachaleshwara temple (worshippable form)

Living incarnation of Paramasiva (photograph of The SPH at approximately age 11)

Shastra Pramana – Scriptural reference – for Paramasiva’s three-fold promise to humanity

(reference: https://sriramanamaharishi.com/arunachala-stuti/arunachala-mahatmyam/?fbclid=IwAR3wkZWk9CqDBVhpZ6Vx0F2agDZ9hwTfUs2 uU605KGyF9sPV8N3bw_Zr2pIb​)

Shastra Pramana – Scriptural reference – for Paramasiva’s promise to humanity to be in the worshippable form of Shiva linga

In the ancient Hindu text “Arunachala Purāṇa” in Tamil, reveals the words of Paramaśiva, “as responding to prayers, Arunachala took form of liṅga”


To fulfill His own promise, Paramaśiva also took the deity form of a Śiva liṅga for people to worship (seen in picture on right)

The Enlightenment Ecosystem Established by Paramasiva at the Foothill of the Sacred Arunachala Hill

The lineage of Paramasiva in Tiruvannamalai

From Arunagiri Yogisvara, in the lineage of Paramasiva in Tiruvannamalai, the following great enlightened beings are recorded in the history of Tiruvannamalai. These great ‘Siddhars’ (mystical beings) are reported to be still wandering in this “Hill of Light”. Siddhars are enlightened masters indulging in continuous practice. They have developed, among other branches of a vast enlightened-based knowledge-system, what is now known as the Siddha medicine system of healing through herbs. Rare herbs grow in this hill known only to the Siddhars. They also developed the ancient healing system of Pulse reading-Ayurveda and the system of self defence called Verma art. The Siddhars are said to be continuously wandering inside the hill performing penance and other fire rituals for world peace.

Known lineage of Siddhars of Tiruvannamalai:

1. Idaikadar Siddhar
2. Tavatiru Veera Vairakiya Gurumoorthy Swamigal
3. Sivatiru Irai Swamigal
4. Sivatiru Panakku Swamigal
5. Sevi Vazhi Seithi Siddhargal
6. Sivatiru Shiva Swamigal
7. Sivatiru Mangaiyarkarasi Ammaiyaar
8. Deivatiru Deivasigamani Jnanadesigar
9. Deivatiru Paanipathira Swamigal
10. Sivatiru Jnanaprakasha Swamigal
11. Deivatiru Shri Arunagiri Natha Swamigal
12. Deivatiru Guhainamashivayarum Gurunamashivaayarum
13. Sivatiru Azhiyavirathankonda Tambhiran Swamigal
14. Sivatiru Appaiya Deekshathar
15. Sivatiru Saiva Vellappa Naavalar
16. Sivatiru Kumaaraswami Pandaaraathaar
17. Sivatiru Shivaprakaasha Swamigal
18. Tavatiru Sonaachala Thevar
19. Sivatiru Ammani Ammaiyaar
20. Tavatiru Dakshinamoorthy Swamigal
21. Sivatiru Jnana Desika Swamigal
22. Tavatiru Satguru Swamigal
23. Sivatiru Gnaniyaar adigalar
24. Tavatiru V. C. Dandapani Swamigal
25. Sivatiru Palani Swamigal
26. Tavatiru Adi Mudi Sidhar
27. Tavatiru Shri Sheshadri Swamigal
28. Tavatiru Shri Ramana Maharshi
29. Tavatiru Shri Azhaghaananda Swamigal
30. Tavatiru Natesa Gnana Desika Swamigal
31. Sivatiru Sonachala Bharatiyaar
32. Sivatiru Sadaichi Ammaiyaar
33. Sivatiru Issaki Swamiga

34. Sivatiru A.P. Annamalai Swamigal
35. Tavatiru Yogiram Swamigal
36. Sivatiru Moopanaar Swamigal
37. Tavatiru Narayanaguru Swamigal
38. Tavatiru Gyanathaai Umadevi Ammaiyaar
39. Tarkaalathu Siddargal
40. Arunai Maha Munivar