Visits of The SPH To The Kingdom of Tiruvannamalai

The SPH with His Subjects on 19 November 2002 on the day of Karthikai Deepam – the Festival of Lights, at Pavala Kundru as explained above

19 November 2002


The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism(SPH) Bhagavan Śri Nithyananda Paramashivam was back in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai at the very spot of His enlightenment experience which happened at the age of 12. He explained to His people, the heritage value and spiritual significance of the sacred spot in Hindu history. It is the very place where the Universal Cosmic mother Devī Parāśakti realised the Cosmic Union of male and female divine energies within Her. 

The day of the visit was Karthikai Deepam, the Festival of Lights, a world-famous celebration of the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai. The festival happens at night time. It is on Karthikai Deepam day that Paramaśiva appeared as a Light effulgence as described in the earlier pages. During Karthikai Deepam, the sacred flame is lit atop the sacred Arunachala Hill as well as in the whole town by the people. It represents the inner Light of Enlightenment of each individual soul. Just being in the energy field of Arunachala during this time aids in Conscious growth of the individual towards Enlightenment. The SPH prefers His yearly schedule to accommodate being present in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai on this auspicious day for the benefit of His people.

December 2003

The SPH visited Pavala Kundru in Tiruvannamalai and is seen seated on the sacred rock (below picture) – now worshipped as Paramaśiva Shila – on which He had the Enlightenment Experience at age 12, the occasion being the celebration of the Hindu festival of lights – Karthikai Deepam, the highlight festival in Tiruvannamalai during which the flame of enlightenment is lit atop the sacred Arunachala Hill as well as in the entire town. It is the yearly visit of His Divine Holiness along with His subjects.

December 2003 – The SPH offers Ārati  (ceremonious offering of the sacred flame) to the Arunachala Hill on the occasion of Karthikai Deepam – the Festival of Lights.

24 December 2005

The subjects of the Tiruvannamalai Kingdom celebrated the occurrence of The SPH’ Vedic Birth Star on which He took birth in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai in 1978. Celebrations happened at Pavala Kundru, where the Enlightenment experience happened at age 12. The SPH was led to Pavala Kundru in a ceremonious procession with all the traditional instruments and all the respects accorded to a King and a great Seer. 

24 December 2005 – (Top) In the Royal presence of The SPH, the Sanyāsis offer ritualistic worship to the sacred Arunachala Hill which is the embodiment of Paramaśiva (The primordial Hindu Divinity). (Bottom) – His subjects come forward individually and receive blessings from The SPH –  a rare opportunity to have the personal touch of The SPH and convey their personal grievances and get the due relief. 

24 September 2006

Invitation to install the Pandal Kāl at the Arunachaleshwara temple

On 24 September 2006, The SPH upon invitation from the Temple of Arunachaleshwara in Tiruvannamalai, installed the Pandal Kāl inside the temple. The Pandal Kāl is a symbolic structure customarily installed to mark the beginning of preparations for a ceremony. It is installed to  symbolically convey about the upcoming ceremony and also as a symbol of prayer to avoid obstructions during the ceremony.  

The SPH was invited as the ruling and spiritual Head, to install the Pandal Kāl. The  upcoming ceremony was the Mahā Karthikai Deepam festival – a grand festival of lights that happens once a year in Tiruvannamalai.  

The SPH is seen inside the ratha (chariot) along with the deities of Nithyanandeshwara and Nithyanandeshwari prior to flagging off the procession.

24 September 2006

Ceremonious procession – Kodikkan Ratha Yatra

 24 September 2006 witnessed a historic flagging off of the procession of the deities of Lord Nithyanandeshwara and His Divine Consort Goddess Nithyanandeshwari at Tiruvannamalai. The deities were flagged off in a ratha (chariot), by The SPH, amidst a grand celebration. They were later led in the streets of Tamilnadu and parts of Karnataka, blessing the subjects for Enlightenment and bringing them abundance in health, wealth and overall prosperity. They were then consecrated in the sanctum sanctorum of Adi Peetham, the  spiritual seat in Bengaluru, Karnataka. 

The deities are made of the traditional 5-metal composition called Panchaloha. They are 7 feet tall and 2 ½ tonnes in weight. Below are pictures from the event. 

It is the tradition of Hinduism that deities travel by road blessing the Subjects of the Kingdom on the way literally at their doorstep or just a few meters away.                                                              

The Subjects of the Kingdom of Tiruvannamalai gathered in large numbers on the streets of Tiruvannamalai to catch a glimpse of The SPH and witness the historic flagging off ceremony by Him.

4 December 2006

Welcomed at Arunachaleshwara temple for the festival of Kartikai Deepam

On 4 December 2006, The SPH was welcomed at the Arunachaleshwara temple in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai for the grand festival of Kartikai Deepam. The chief priests showed The SPH the diamond spear belonging to the temple.

12 January 2007

Accorded respects at the Arunachaleshwara temple on anniversary of His Vedic Birth Star

12 January 2007 – The SPH is received with due honours by the chief priest of the Arunachaleshwara temple in His birth town and kingdom Tiruvannamalai on the occasion of His annual Birth Star celebrations, taken to the main sanctum sanctorum for darshan (seeing the main deities).

8 August 2008

Meeting with Trustees of Arunachaleshwara Temple Administration

2008 – The chief temple priests of the Arunachaleshwara temple in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai welcome and felicitate The SPH according to Him all the traditional rights from the temple

The trustees of the temple welcome The SPH into their administrative office inside the temple to discuss the administration of the temple, without compromising on the spiritual context and integrity of the temple tradition

8 August 2008

Meeting with Trustees of Arunachaleshwara Temple Administration

2 August 2008 – The SPH is seated on the Paramaśiva Shila – The rock in Pavala  Kundru in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai where He experienced Enlightenment at age 12. He is surrounded by His people who gathered to get a glimpse of Him and receive His blessings.

(further reference: The SPH’s Visit to Pavazhakundru in 2008  )

19 April 2008

Grand inauguration of monastery in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai

On 19 April 2008, there was a grand ceremony to celebrate the revival of the Ādi Annamalai Peetham, the Spiritual-religious Kingdom in Tiruvannamalai. With the majestic Arunachala as a backdrop, Tiruvannamalai is one of the most beautiful and powerful enlightenment ecosystems on the planet Earth and is one of the most visited monasteries of The SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam in India. 

The inauguration was attended by top dignitaries like Śridharan Chairman of Tiruvannamalai municipality, Dhanus Chairman of Annamalai temple trust, Muthuswamy President of Sheshadari ashram, Pitchandi MLA of Tiruvannamalai constituency, Gnanashekaran MLA of Vellore, Vishu popular Indian movie actor and Manivarma ex-MLA. 

The SPH is celebrated by all beings in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai as He is welcomed with the traditional Honours by the temple elephant at the Arunachaleshwara Temple, where He visited before the ceremony.

The SPH proceeded to give darshan and bestow His Grace and Blessings upon the subjects of the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai who came to celebrate the new monastery.

5 August 2009

Individual Blessings to Subjects

There are very few moments in which a subject is allowed to be near the King, let alone in His breathing space, and even more rare: to be able to interact with Him. During this special Kalpataru Program, subjects are permitted to share their quandaries with The SPH and receive individual guidance and blessings from the King.

Subjects enjoy the free sattvic organic vegetarian meals at all the monasteries of the King. The SPH declares, as it is also written in the Āgamas (ancient Hindu scriptures), that  knowledge and food should be given freely.

16 January 2011

Blessings are showered as Subjects Celebrate the Divine Plays (Leelas) of Paramaśiva

The SPH joyously showers blessings on the thousands of subjects who move through the streets of the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai as they celebrate the divine quarrel of Parāśakti and Paramaśiva during the lively Tiruvoodal procession.

17 January 2011

Accompanies the Grand Procession of Annamalaiyar, the Main Deity of Arunachaleshwara Temple

17 January 2011 -The SPH visited the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai and was received with the full temple honour by the Arunachaleshwara Temple authorities in the presence of thousands of people who were gathered for the procession of the main deity, Annamalaiyar, around the sacred Arunachala Hill. The procession passed by the monastery of The SPH where it stopped for the Honours.

24 April 2011

Thousands Witness the Darshan of  The SPH at Arunachaleshwara Temple

24 April 2011 – The SPH visited the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai and was received as usual with the full temple honour by the Arunachaleshwara Temple authorities. He was accompanied by hundreds of Inner Awakening program participants who were blessed to experience this amazing enlightenment ecosystem of Paramaśiva with Paramaśiva Himself!

The SPH is celebrated by all beings in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai. He gives blessings to all beings including the beloved temple elephant, Rukku.

The SPH is given the “Agathi keerai” a form of greens which is the best cow fodder to offer this sacred animal. Agathi keerai is extremely healthy for cows and a highly potent medicinal plant for humans.  

In Sanātana Hindu Dharma, gau or dhenu (cow) is the loving mother of all beings and is Bhudevi, mother Earth incarnate. Hindu scriptures extol the Divine ‘kamadhenu’ wish-fulfilling cow goddess, and all cows on planet Earth are earthly embodiments of her. Cows are the refuge of all-auspiciousness, strength and abundance. They bestow happiness, nourishment, prosperity and are ever worshipped.  

Cows are the fruit of all Vedic ceremonies because all sacred rituals are dependent on cow’s gifts such as ghee (clarified butter), which enrich the whole Existence. All secretions from a cow, including cow urine and cow dung are sacred and great elixir for many ailments and diseases. It is customary for Vedic homes and temples to coat the floors with gomaya, cow dung to purify the environment and invite Divine energies.

17 May 2011

The SPH’s Subjects Inundate Pavala Kundru to Witness His Divine Darshan

17 May 2011 – The new day is graced by The SPH as He appears for His subjects at Pavala Kundru. He stood on the Paramaśiva Shila, His “enlightenment experience” rock, as one of His monks (sanyasis) is blessed to perform the holy ritual worship (abhiśekam) of pouring water and sacred substances over His Lotus Feet.  

His subjects gather to witness this profoundly sacred and auspicious event and to receive His blessings. The Hill is peaceful and silent but for the sound of the ritual chanting; all are in awe of the powerful experience and presence of The SPH.

Later, The SPH is accompanied by His subjects on a visit to Arunachaleshwara Temple where He would give audience to members of the Press who had gathered to capture a message from Him for the Subjects of Kingdom.

20 December 2011

Subjects Celebrate the Vedic Birth Star of The SPH at the Aruanachaleshwara Temple

Every year, the subjects of The SPH Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam join to celebrate His happening on the planet Earth. On 20 December 2011, a grand, regal procession wound through the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai, carrying the deities Śri Nithyanandeshwara Paramaśiva and Śri Nithyanandeshwari Parāśakti. Tens of thousands of subjects had their Darshan.

The chief temple priests of the Arunachaleshwara temple in the kingdom of Tiruvannamalai welcome and felicitate The SPH according to Him all the traditional rights from the temple.

The SPH is guided to the main sanctum sanctorums to have darshan (worshipping the main deities).

The SPH at the Vinayaka shrine inside the Arunachaleshwara Temple

The entire Kingdom gathered and completely filled the temple, waiting for their blessing to see The SPH, Paramaśiva in physical form.

This was a day of celebration for subjects of The SPH worldwide who participated in the grand procession to honour His presence in their lives. Contingents from various countries came to represent the international Kingdoms and receive His blessings.

Subjects gather at the temple entrance to see the procession of Śri Nithyanandeshwara Paramaśiva and Nithyanandeshwari Parāśakti (main deities) on the Rajita Rishaba Vahana (Silver Sacred Bull vehicle) and the murti (deity form) of The SPH on the golden palanquin.

The SPH gazing at Śri Nithyanandeshwara Paramaśiva and Nithyanandeshwari Parāśakti.

The SPH performs the sacred fire ritual of “Ārati” to the deities.

The SPH blesses the participants carrying 1008 Poorna Kumbha vessels and milk pots and along with the traditional lemon piercing activities.

The entire path is packed with the Subjects of the Kingdom!

A key reference for Ratha Yatrā is the Uttara Pāda of Śrimad Kāmika Āgama, the principal Śaiva Āgama (Source Hindu Scripture), Verse 260, 261 and 262. The scripture references processions with colorful flags, musical instruments, renderings of songs set in different musical flows, festival-umbrellas, small parasols and ‘cameras’, fans made of palm-leaf, incense, lights. The primary deity or guru is lovingly carried in a palanquin or car or on the head of the devotees appointed for doing the ceremonial services in the temple.

Watch video (YouTube):

3 July 2012

Guru Purnima Celebrations – A Day for the King and His Subjects

One of the most auspicious moments in the life of the subjects of The SPH is to sit in His breathing space and offer the Pratyaksha Pada Pūjā (most sacred ritual of offering sacred items to His Divine feet). The queues are very long and His compassion so great, He sits for multiple rounds of offerings during this time.

During Satsangs (discourses), The SPH directly addresses His Subjects and imparts the sacred Truths as revealed by the Śāstras, sacred Hindu Scriptures, and from His own experiences with these Truths. On special days like Guru Purnima (Hindu festival celebrating the Guru), He gives a special address to His subjects, often delivering new instructions to specific Ministries in the Kingdom.

Youth taking Sanyās initiation (initiation into monkhood) and initiation into the sacred lineage of the monastic order of The SPH.

It is a most privileged and unique honor to perform Pushpābhiśekam – worship by showering thousands of flowers on the Divine. Very few are allowed the opportunity for this intense, personal worship to The SPH.

During this rare and special Guru Purnima Darshan, subjects can receive individual blessings of The SPH

29 September 2012

Thousands Wait All Night for Rare Poornima Blessings

The SPH sits with great compassion and listening to His subjects for over 8 hours without moving from His Seat. One by one they hand Him letters, asking for blessings, healing and guidance only He can give.